sex sells
and buys people like currency

sex sells

and buys people like currency

consumed like a drug we take to keep this body packaged and sold like a billboard

To keep this body awake and moving we invest time and money and belief

We invest our souls but there are greater things to buy,

Your voice shows you doubt me but I don’t need you to believe me, I just need you to listen,

Because this is all people see,

This feeling of spinning

Intertwined like me and me

Because there is no you.

There is only me in this poem.

Lace on a leg. Dress a knee in a skirt.

It never goes away. It never fades.

So go ahead. Put on your sunglasses. Tear your pride and wear it like shame

Driven from your grandfather’s past you lie

Awake and ancient in the fading light

Failing icons in a future full of us modernised and put on show

You lie I lie we lie together. We think we are more than we are but less isn’t in our vocabulary.

The world

wants us to be smaller. Isn’t that what sells?

The promise of an outline.

Cracks painted on the wall.

Question me like hair like flight like pieces of me in this world that doesn’t exist,

Drawing cards on the road outside a movie theatre.

It should be raining right now and then I’d have something to write about.

What doesn’t disgust me

more than the promise that everything promises.

Be less. Disappear.

How I want to have a life that you don’t know about, even now

I’d have given you nothing and anything.

– 13/01/18

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