Pink Lemonade and Missing You


You! You want this poem to be about you but it’s not. It’s never about you. I guess that was the problem.

So here it is. A year since we talked. We called a year ago today. Is it really a year but who would know.

I won’t ask for an apology because you’ll never give me one.

But why. Why did you leave? Why did you turn around and never look back?

I guess you never cared at all. Funny that you were the one insisting that everyone always left you.

I don’t want to talk about it, I don’t want to talk about you – screw you. Screw you for leaving me when I needed you. You should’ve left me before, why then? but I guess you don’t even think like that.

Screw you for being such a bitch to Rosie. She didn’t deserve it. I don’t give a fuck that you liked her. It doesn’t change a thing.

I could be angry about everyone I know but I gave that up a long time ago. Angry poems, I never said they were good but there were something. Now look at you, pretending you’re a positive person. Don’t be a fake. Don’t tell me you’re happy without me. Who am I to tell you these things.

Drinking pink lemonade and missing you. But after all this time I still get mad.

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